About Us

Welcome, we are Randy and Ruth Webster.


Alix checks up on Randy’s steering

Randy has been in and on the water his whole life. He can’t remember learning how to swim. His first boat was a 12′ Filipino banka, an outrigger canoe when he was 8 or 9. He really learned to sail in the Sea Scout program in Portland during the high school years, at the same time playing water polo and trying to be competitive in spring board diving. One benefit of college was sailing on inland lakes with the largest collegiate club in the nation. In addition to Velic he has had a Sailfish, an International 470, and a Force 5.

Ruth steering Velic

Ruth steering Velic near Cape Disappointment, Columbia River

Unlike Randy, Ruth started sailing as an adult by enrolling in a basic sailing class, learning to sail dinghies. After gaining basic experience in dinghies and getting over the fear of capsizing, she crewed on larger boats for races (boats less likely to capsize, though more complicated). Racing is a great way to quickly gain sailing experience and meet new people, like Randy. While continuing to crew on friends’ boats, she got an itch to have her own and bought a Santana 22 (larger than a dinghy, less complicated than a big race boat).  The 22 was was a great small boat, perfect for sometimes boisterous inland and coastal waters and lots of fun to sail. But Velic is also fun to sail, and – most importantly – is a good, sea-kindly boat, as we learned in 2010 when we double-handed her to Hawaii and back.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear Randy and Ruth,
    I am so happy to locate your blog! I have tried to email you to thank you for the sander but my emails keep bouncing back..So I’ll just post what I wrote here and hope you see it!

    Dear Randy and Ruth,
    I was so excited and surprised to find the fabulous sander in my cockpit yesterday!! Thank you so much! I cannot imagine how much you had going on as you attempted to finally throw off the dock lines, and I was deeply touched that with all of that, you thought of me and even delivered it to my boat.

    Your ideas regarding templates and test runs with low cost materials were very inspiring and I fully plan to work on a solution to create a more spacious feel in my cabin this winter. I am sure that sander will be incredibly useful, and again, I am so touched that you left it for me.

    I’ll send photos when I have something to show you.

    Thank you again for helping me and supporting me in my fledgeling attempts at learning how to do basic woodwork. I am so very grateful!

    Fair winds and calm seas,


  2. September 29, 2015
    Just read your post of 09-27-2015. Glad to see you are on your long awaited journey. I will be following you and Randy and thinking of you. Smooth sailing, Kathi


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