Passage to Tonga: Tongatapu

Day 13: Now anchored off ‘Big Mama’s’ in the lagoon of Tongatapu Island Group, just before sunset. Wow, the boat is safe, secure, flat and still.

It’s about a mile across the lagoon from the commercial port with the inbound clearance and fuel wharf. Wharf rats and roaches included. We tied up there for a few hours to clear in with Tonga Customs and Immigration. Maybe tomorrow we can launch the dinghy and have a burger in paradise at Big Mama’s cafe on the beach.


6 thoughts on “Passage to Tonga: Tongatapu

  1. Some interesting weather going on in the region. Was out [in the sea] off the far north [of NZ north island] yesterday and water temp 18.5. Very warm for June. Trees on shore only just yellowing. Daffodils shooting up. It’s not even mid-winter yet. Sounds like you experienced some uncharacteristic weather in the transition to tropic waters. It seems to stay unsettled more into the winter these days, like there is more energy in the system flowing north to south. Hope you have a great time in Tongan waters. Ian.


  2. Nice to read you are back in port. We took the van (Roadtrek) for a land cruise in April/May. Warmer no up after the long winter. Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Escalante is n Utah, Refugio above Santa Barbara, and back to Santa Cruz. SC to check on construction and our Pregnant daughter-in-law. Now awaiting a July 5 delivery. Heading over to Gold Beach for 3-4 days on Monday. Sincerely hope you are all doing well and enjoying your adventure. Mark and Carol


  3. Kick back and relax for a couple of days. You are going to ruin our notions of easy tropical criusing with all this hard sailing.


    • Well, technically the most boisterous sailing was in temperate latitudes south of the tropics. Whangarei, NZ is latitude 35 S. We crossed the Tropic of Capricorn on the 11th day of the passage. Your dreams are safe.


  4. Glad to hear you are safe and calm. That must have been a fast trip. Did you arrive on your birthday? Great celebration. Love, Mom


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