Autumn in Northland

It is April 17 and autumn is well underway here in Northland. Days and nights are a bit cooler now, 21C to 23C during the day and down around 13C to 15C at night (that’s 69F to 73F and 53F to 55F, respectively). Cool enough to pull on a light sweater during the day and throw the duvet over the bed at night. And we’re having more rain, sometimes quite heavy downpours, or what they call “heavy falls” here. Last week Cyclone Cook swept over Northland. It was late in the cyclone season, which traditionally is considered to end April 30. Fortunately, by the time it moved over Whangarei much of its energy was spent; we had rain most of the day but little wind, for which we were thankful. We’re watching the weather closely while continuing to wrap up projects on Velic. We hope to be on our way north again in about a month. Continue reading