Cold January in Portland (and Seattle), Boat Work in Whangarei

It was COLD in the Pacific Northwest! We’re not used to it after more than a year in warmer climates. We wore fleece and wool the entire time we were visiting our families and friends in Portland and the Seattle area. Randy in his favorite (dorkie) warm hat while visiting his dad.

More than two months have gone by since our last blog entry. A busy two months, as close friends and family know. A trip back to the U.S. in January & February allowed us to enjoy visits with loved ones we have been missing. We were grateful to be able to see and have face-to-face time with our son, parents, and siblings, and to reconnect in person with so many friends who are dear to us. We love that we’re able to cruise to faraway places, but living this life comes with a down side: We miss our families and friends “back home.”

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