Atuona, Hiva Oa

Here are some pictures from Atuona, on the island of Hiva Oa. This was our first landfall, and point of clearing into French Polynesia.


The harbor at Atuona, Hiva Oa. It’s pretty crowded. Most boats use bow and stern anchors to keep from swinging into each other.


The harbor from a walk into town.


Idlewild, a custom aluminum motor yacht from Alberta, Canada. Built to voyage the Northwest Passage (done and more), Idlewild is all purpose and function. A very effective expedition motor yacht, with lots of room for cocktails on the foredeck in the evenings.


Paddling canoes through the bay on the day we arrived: The sport of the Marquesas.


The Gendarme came down the day before the Taporo IX inter-island freighter arrived to make sure all of us cruisers were anchored behind the marked line across the harbor.


The Taporo IX filled up an already busy small harbor



Walking into the small town of Atuona

We spent a Saturday afternoon “supporting” a fundraiser to send to Marquesan kids to World Youth Day 2016.


Getting ‘organized’ by home island, with lots of laughs and play, not a fast process.




Coconut carry relay race. Hilarious.


The whole day felt more like a church picnic in the park than any formal fundraising function.



3 thoughts on “Atuona, Hiva Oa

    • Hanging out at Snack Tematapuau most of the mid-day. With lunch comes free wifi and showers! A cool aspect of Marquesan culture is just hanging out in heat of the afternoon. The ladies that run this cafe and restaurant don’t mind that we hang out here all afternoon. It’s raining hard now, and rocky/rolly on the boat. This is much more pleasant.


      • Hi, Randy – looks like your trip is going well! Zari told me about your blog – fun to read!

        And helpful/inspiring, since we are sailors as well. We are sailing Elizabeth, our 1976 Kelly Peterson 44, from Portland to San Diego two weeks from now. Then, when my term of office ends in January, we are taking a year and a half cruise to Central America, the Med, and the Caribbean.

        Have just completed a seven-month refit, so hoping the breakage/repair rate will be moderated. L

        Look forward to more of your reports and we’ll try to reciprocate.

        Charlie and Nancy Hales


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