El Mezteno

After a couple of days anchored in Ensenada de la Raza, we moved farther north along the coastline to a very small cove called El Mezteño, which has better protection from the persistent north wind. It’s a narrow cove with steep sides; there’s room for perhaps a couple of boats to anchor. At the head of the cove is small, white sand beach. The cruising guide we’re using states that there is a trail at the head of El Mezteño that leads up the canyon to a terrific view over Caleta Partida, the next large bay to the north. This morning’s wind forecast suggested that it would be a good day to make the half-mile row to the beach and do a little exploring ashore. And we both wanted the exercise. So, with dry bag backpack carrying snacks, water bottles, camera & binoculars, we ventured forth. Continue reading