Nature is fun (and can be shared with your grandmother)

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed during our coastal passages and stays in the various anchorages and marinas aboard Velic is the opportunity to catch sight of birds that I wouldn’t normally see back in the Portland area. Especially sea and shore birds, of course – since at sea and near shore is where we tend to be – but I’ve also seen some inland birds that are not unknown in Portland but that I, personally, haven’t seen before. Not that I would style myself as a real birder of the Big Year sort or even a well-qualified observer. My enjoyment is strictly amateur and casual. Still, there’s something that fascinates me about birds. I can’t help but suspect that, at times, they are looking at me with intelligence behind their eyes. Continue reading


Getting to La Paz for Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we anchored for the night off the sandy beach of Ensenada de los Muertos (Cove of the Dead). We were about halfway to La Paz after having left San Jose del Cabo at dawn. Ensenada de los Muertos is a large, open cove with a sandy bottom. It lies to the southwest of a protecting point, which provides shelter from north and northeast wind, a consideration for us in case the wind should start to kick up in spite of the forecast. As we slowly motored in after dark we could see a few sailboats already at anchor, their anchor lights reflected in the calm black water. We dropped our hook beyond the last boat on our right, leaving plenty of space between boats. The moon was full, the stars were glittering across the night sky, and the anchorage was quiet. The one restaurant tucked below the point near the water closed down early for Christmas Eve, and we could hear cars pulling away and watch their lights disappear into the dark. Then the night was silent. Continue reading

San Diego: More projects and great friends

One of the things that happens when you arrive in a new place is that you spend a lot of time meeting people, going places and – if you’ve arrived by boat – cleaning and reorganizing, both yourself and the boat. And sometimes, fixing things. You get busy and you keep telling yourself that you really MUST get back to the blog to share some of your experiences with family and friends. And then, when you finally DO get back to the blog, you have to remember what happened last week and the week before and … well. Catch up. Or try to. Continue reading