Monterey Bay Aquarium

Wednesday after we arrived we spent the day at the Aquarium. From the street the buildings are imposing and blank. Only signage directs you to the entrances; one for the general public and a separate more discrete entrance for members. But inside: Wow! Tanks and fish and kids and docents everywhere.

P1020592The Aquarium is very well designed by areas of ocean and coast line. There are at least two very interactive play areas devoted to toddlers and their families. The most impressive were three huge aquarium tanks showcasing the kelp forests and especially the otters, the coast rocky reefs, and the open ocean. These tanks are two stories tall with clear ‘glass’ all the way.

Two exhibits were especially beautiful: Jellies, about jellyfish and Tentacles, about the cephalopods (octopus, squids, cuttlefish families)

We had a great time and spent the whole day until they kicked us out. Click the blue highlighted link for more> Photos from Monterey Bay Aquarium



4 thoughts on “Monterey Bay Aquarium

  1. Oops—NOT swimming with them! I had a friend stung this week in Kailua Beach by a Man-of-War. She was so red in both arms. The lifeguard immediately put vinegar on her. When she got home she took an anti-histamine but was still really sick for about a day.


  2. The pictures are great. How did you get a penguin in and out of the water ? Love the jellies. Just glad I am now swimming with them.
    Thank goodness you are still in Monterrey and not on your way to Cabo.
    Love, Mom


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