Betwixt and Between

We’re betwixt and between land and sea, living between the club house and the boat as we continue to prepare for departure.

Saturday a week ago we left the keys to the house on the kitchen counter, locking the door behind us and driving away for the last time. The Saturday before that, we’d started sleeping on the boat, having given away our dining table and house bed. The in-between week was spent finding new homes for more stuff from the house and culminated in an intense push to completely empty it for the new owner by 5:00 pm. Most often moving out of a house entails moving into a new house; the stuff goes from one place to another. For us, the challenge was finding new/different places for everything to go, since we kept almost nothing. This was accomplished only with the generous help of Randy’s sister, cousin and his wife who spent all day Saturday emptying and cleaning and filling up big trucks with stuff.  We left the house much emptier than it was when we bought it 28 years ago.

We are now more or less living aboard at Rose City Yacht Club for the short term. I say “more or less” because we are using the club’s kitchen, restrooms and shower facilities. A fellow club member is generously allowing use of his boat house as a storage/staging space. Velic is topsy-turvey inside while Randy finishes the wiring installation for instruments and the new stereo. Access to most of the lockers (storage space aboard) is unavailable for the moment. The galley stove still isn’t hooked up to propane, and the sink isn’t connected to its drain yet. Also, the camera and the photo drive are buried somewhere, so no photos with this post.

A few months ago it was hard seeing our home slowly unravel as furniture was given away or sold. Giving away the living room furniture was especially bittersweet, holding as it did so many memories of long discussions with friends sitting comfortably around the room. Alix’s favorite spot was on the couch next to Ruth, with Randy in his leather chair opposite as he sipped his evening cocktail and Alix keeping a sharp eye on that martini olive. But as the house emptied, it became less “our home” and more just a house, a project to be finished. Life has been full of changes in the past six months: Dear sweet Alix is gone, our house is now gone, almost all possessions that we are not taking with us are gone, and today the Subaru Outback wagon and the Toyota Tacoma were sold. We’re borrowing cars for the time being, since we’ll still need vehicles, especially for provisioning.

Two weeks ago Randy held a garage/boat shop sale. The sale was most successful, and Randy is now trying to wrap up final projects with a very few leftover tools. He is feeling a bit bereft without a fully functioning shop and tool kit. Folks who bought tools have been most generous in loaning them back so he can finish some projects. A neighbor was very generous in allowing use of her son’s fully equipped basement wood shop. Maybe this is what ‘journeyman’ craft work really means.

So, here we are on Velic, wrapping up half-completed projects, still giving away odds and ends from the house that somehow ended up here at RCYC but won’t be going with us. Every day people ask us “When’s the ‘big day’ you cast off?” and we reply, “We’re working it.”


5 thoughts on “Betwixt and Between

  1. Hope things are going well for you two! You will be happy to know many of your items have found a new home and are being enjoyed every day, especially the stereo (wow!). Kyle sleeps better than ever and I sit at the family table right now as I write this message. We think of you often and wish you all the best! ~Bobbie


  2. Finally read through your blog! This will make an interesting record of your journey ahead. Looking forward to the read! Love you both!


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