Betwixt and Between

We’re betwixt and between land and sea, living between the club house and the boat as we continue to prepare for departure.

Saturday a week ago we left the keys to the house on the kitchen counter, locking the door behind us and driving away for the last time. The Saturday before that, we’d started sleeping on the boat, having given away our dining table and house bed. The in-between week was spent finding new homes for more stuff from the house and culminated in an intense push to completely empty it for the new owner by 5:00 pm. Most often moving out of a house entails moving into a new house; the stuff goes from one place to another. For us, the challenge was finding new/different places for everything to go, since we kept almost nothing. This was accomplished only with the generous help of Randy’s sister, cousin and his wife who spent all day Saturday emptying and cleaning and filling up big trucks with stuff.  We left the house much emptier than it was when we bought it 28 years ago. Continue reading


The End in Site…


…of Cabinetry and Wood Work

The beginning of the end of remodeling the interior cabinetry is in sight, which is very good. There is so much else to do that is critical for a small boat heading offshore that projects to remodel cabinetry need to be done and behind us. But, safe and secure lockers with doors that are easily accessible contribute to smooth ADL’s and happier crew. Larger, complex projects are done. But it’s a boat, and boats have no straight lines or square corners, and there is nothing simple about cabinetry on a boat. Errors, and subsequent corrections, keep one humble, if not always mild mannered. Continue reading